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Studio Rental

Studio Rentals

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Gregory Wigfall Productions Studio offers a wide range of themes for your photography or video project. This leading studio is all set to cater to a variety of productions, which may include fashion and advertising shoots, TV shows, commercials, castings, web content, music videos, celebrity interviews, with many different backgrounds and green screen. Open space for working and shooting your video, still photo project or business event.


Gregory Wigfall Productions Studio is one of the best photography studios for rent in Monroe NC if not the most versatile. The studio’s flexibility not only lies in its adaptable shooting areas, but also in its professional set of equipment. Of course, renters can always bring in their own gear at no charge. For We also have camera equipment for rent including digital SLR Canon bodies and lenses.
Please note: the price of the studio rental also includes strobe lighting, Westcott light boxes, florescent lights. and a large amount of common grip equipment (c-stands, light stands, sandbags, apple boxes) at no extra charge.

Features:  20 foot high ceiling, 30 x 40 foot shooting area with cyc wall or 9′ paper background, Bathroom, High speed Wi-Fi, Stereo System, Includes lights and backgrounds (no remotes included)

Studio Rental Price:  $50 hourly (minimum two hour rental)


  1.  All Studio rentals are to be paid, prior to the start of the shoot in the form of a VISA, MasterCard, American Express made payable to Gregory Wigfall Productions.

  2. The full rental amount is required as a deposit in the form of a VISA, MasterCard or American Express to secure a Studio Booking once a Hold has been confirmed. A Hold has no charges attached; it is only an option to rent. However, if the renter no longer needs the Studio, they are still obliged to call to cancel. First Holds can be refused if the renter does not respond to a book or release communication by the Studio in a timely manner.

  3. Refund Policy With A Lost Booking: If the Studio was forced to refuse another rental on the same day and lose a booking because of the Renter’s Confirmation and Booking of the Studio, the Renter shall forfeit the entire Deposit, unless that day books otherwise.

  4. Refund Policy Without A Lost Booking: If the rental time is canceled or postponed by the Renter with more than 24 hrs. notice, the Renter shall receive 100% of their deposit back. If the Rental time is canceled or postponed by the Renter with 12 -24 hrs. notice, the Renter shall receive 50% of their deposit back; less than 12 hrs. or less notice the Renter shall forfeit their entire deposit.

  5. The Security deposit ($50) is for Cleaning and Damages that may occur within the premises and is Fully Refundable within 24 hours of the end of the Rental.

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