Wedding and Real Estate Photographer in Charlotte NC

Gregory Wigfall Productions has helped numerous brides and grooms tell the unique story of their wedding day. Providing professional wedding videography and photography services in the Charlotte, NC area, Wigfall and his team have had the good fortune of working at weddings of all types and sizes.

At Gregory Wigfall Productions, he and his team strive to capture and produce the inherent beauty, laughter and tears and that are ubiquitous at weddings, regardless of the setting, style or denomination of the ceremony. A wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of anyone’s life, and Wigfall and his team work tirelessly to provide you with videos and photos that encapsulate the special moments of your day and will serve as priceless mementos for years to come.

Where Exceptional Is a Way of Life

So what separates Gregory Wigfall Productions from competitors? Some might say it’s their company motto of “Where Exceptional is a Way of Life.” The purpose of that philosophy is to remind Wigfall and his team of the important job they have of telling their client’s important story, and to make sure they always stay 100 percent committed to clients, and provide them with timeless visual mementos of their big day.

Wigfall’s video style is renowned for its creative storytelling, which is no surprise considering his professional history. Before becoming a professional videographer and photographer, he was an internationally known recording artist and entertainer, and he uses his wide array of experiences to produce the best work possible for his clients.

In addition to weddings, Wigfall and his team provide event video production and commercial video production services. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of hiring Wigfall for your wedding or if you would like to discuss your specific needs, call Gregory Wigfall Productions today at 980-245-6360.