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Gregory Wigfall Productions is a full service Portrait Studio. We specialize in Family Portraits, Maternity Portraits, Newborns, Babies and Children Portraits. We utilize Strobes, Fluorescent Bulbs and Ambient lighting in our portraiture. Gone are the days of stuffy boring portrait sessions!  When it comes to people we run, jump, get out the wiggles, and leave time for lots of laughs.  If a certain setting or pose just isn't working, we quickly move on so everyone remains comfortable and relaxed!  Newborns sessions can take a bit longer, as we leave plenty of room for soothing, feeding, and cuddling. we have created a studio that will offer not only a personalized portrait session for each family, but a warm, creative, fun atmosphere. Our clients are our family and we want you to feel that every time you book a session with our studio.We are confident that an investment made in our portraiture will give you and your family a lifetime of lasting memories!

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